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Fantasy Football Manager Software Features

Friendly League Manager Service

This may seem a little odd, but the most important feature of any fantasy football commissioner service is not the software at all. It is the people. We have no doubt that you won't find more helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and cooperative staff anywhere to manage your fantasy league. This is what makes for a great experience.

With that settled, it's still worth talking about a few of the features that lift our software above and beyond. One important difference is trading.

Trading Players and Picks

Many sites do not allow trading at all, because of the required commissioner effort to regulate trades! Or they allow trades, but send every trade to a league vote in order to prevent collusion. We all know how well that turns out: Trading bogs down in angry name-calling as each owner discovers the most efficient approach is to vote down every opponent's trade as soon as it is accepted.

But trading is so much fun! That's why we allow trading of players, picks, blind bidding money, auction money, even future year draft picks. But with all these options, how is it feasible for a commissioner to rule on what's a fair trade and what's not?

You may trade players, picks, and blind bidding money

Other sites recognize the need for a fair commissioner ruling, and have the commissioner examine every trade. This works well for those owners who think like the commissioner; the rest will never agree on what the commissioner considers a fair trade.

So we've come up with the proper compromise. If you find a trade in your league that seems so unfair that collusion between owners to improve one team at the expense of the other seems likely, then you can lodge a trade protest with the click of a button from the notifying email. This immediately sends the trade out for an immediate vote ... not only to the other members of your league, but to twelve random members selected from similar leagues! Each member of the "trade jury" has the opportunity to weigh in on whether the trade is too imbalanced, and which side is favored.

Twenty-four hours after trade acceptance, the commissioner gets involved. All trades are still reviewed by the commissioner, but now he has obtained the opinions of other league members and impartial bystanders both! A fair resolution is guaranteed.

Blind Bidding on the Waiver Wire

Another feature of our software is how waivers are processed. When a player is dropped from a team, he goes on the waiver wire and may not be picked up as a free agent. Instead, owners may bid to acquire the player on the following Wednesday with play money, and he goes to the highest bidder. Blind bidding adds a dimension of strategy that's not found with worst-to-first waivers.

Buying and Selling Orphans (Abandoned Teams)

Sometimes in dynasty leagues and other multi-year leagues an owner will abandon his team. What happens to the league then? The answer is that the abandoned team becomes an orphan and we do our best to find a replacement owner, selling the team and paying the proceeds to the original owner in lieu of returning the deposit.

No better software exists anywhere for the handling of orphan teams. Owners who leave the league can set a price on the team and it will be listed at that price until our annual orphan auction begins in May.

Teams that don't sell go up for bid in a week-long blind auction. Any teams which still don't sell are then assigned a buy-it-now price by us, and the price continues to decrease until it's available for just $1.

Buying orphan teams can be a lot of fun. Check out our fantasy orphan auction page and our fantasy orphan buy-it-now page if you'd like to get in on a multi-year league through the back door.

Live Scoring: Watch All Your Games Simultaneously

Live scoring for up-to-the-minute game display

Are you one of those fantasy football junkies who plays in fifteen leagues at a time? Wouldn't it be nice to watch all of your games simultaneously?

Whether your games are hosted on DataForce software or on MyFantasyLeague software, now you can! A quick button click imports all of your MyFantasyLeague rosters to DataForce, where our live feed lets you watch them all at once.

Fantasy Data provides live stats

Join Now, Pay Later

Women aren't the only ones who change their minds. Guys have the same problem deciding.

Luckily, our lobby lets you join as many leagues as you want before paying, moving them to your My Leagues page to watch them fill with other owners, and decide later which ones to play in. The first twelve owners to pay get to play.

You can even change your mind after paying! If you see another league you'd rather be in, just withdraw from the first league and pay for the second. Lobby-hopping seems to be a favorite pastime of many of our customers.

Player Availability Searches

Picture this. You're driving on the highway listening to your favorite sports radio program and you hear that a stud running back was just injured in practice. His backup is promoted to starter this week, and is sure to get a boatload of carries against Arizona's porous run defense.

What to do? You're playing in fifteen leagues. How can you possibly know where he's available for pickup and where he's not?

Voting on your fantasy football draft date

With our software it's easy. Pull over, whip out your cell phone, and head over to our Player Search page, where you can see the status of the player in all your leagues at once. Then pop over to the Free Agency page and nab him everywhere he's available.

Voting on Draft Dates and League Names

Ok, I'll admit it. There is one thing we really suck at. It's naming our leagues.

Thankfully, you don't have to put up with the League name we give you. All multi-year leagues go up for a name vote at the beginning of the season. Owners can nominate league names before the season begins, and then in the first week, vote on the nominations. This gives you a little more ownership over your leagues.

More important than the league name, though, is voting on a draft date for your dynasty leagues. We know how popular live drafts and auctions are, and we know too how hard it is to find a time each year when all twelve owners are available for the annual draft. So, we've put together a page where owners can specify the dates and times they are available for the week of the draft, and if there is consensus, the draft is held then.

Of course, if no consensus is reached, the draft isn't cancelled. It just remains an email draft.