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Unparalleled prize payouts for fantasy football leagues

You won't find higher prize payouts anywhere on the internet! Every penny you pay for DataForce-hosted leagues, except for our flat commissioner fee of $12, goes into the prize fund. No live draft fees, no markups, no transaction charges. Prize payouts quickly approach 100% as your level of entry rises. If you play on MyFantasyLeague software rather than DataForce software, we do have to charge you a $6 hosting fee to cover their cost, but that's your choice.

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Bonus Money

On top of our high prize returns, we add bonus money to the prize pool for the winners of toilet bowls. Bonus money may be used to pay the $12 commissioner fee of any league you buy in the future. Bonus money may also be earned as referral bonuses when you bring your friends our way.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what this means: Many of your leagues are absolutely free! When you pay the commissioner fee with bonus money, every penny of your entry fee goes right into the prize fund for a 100% return!

Flat-lined Commissioner Fees

Compare our flat-lined commissioner fees with the cost to do business elsewhere. In the chart at the right, the two flat green lines at the bottom represent how much of your entry fee we retain compared to a few of our competitors. The bottom green line shows the cost if you play on DataForce's software, and the top green line includes the $6 hosting fee if you play on MyFantasyLeague software. Either way, it's a no-brainer, right?

Secure In Trust

All league prizes secured in trust at
Prize fund auditing firm For your peace of mind, we go further than the law requires and keep every penny of your prizes in a trust fund until the winners are determined. Then we pay out your prize money within just a few days. You can actually see this money waiting for you in a Fidelity account, audited by DAEH Law.

Entry Fees

  Level Cost Prize Payout
  Copper $50 82% return
  Bronze $100 91% return
  Silver $200 96% return
  Gold $500 98% return
  Platinum $1000 99% return
  Tin Baby $20 81% return

Our leagues range in price from $20 for a Tin Baby to $1000 for a platinum league. The chart to the left shows how it breaks down for normal 12-team leagues.

The full prize breakdown is located on the DataForce Fantasy Football site.