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Fantasy Drafts and Auctions

We provide four different draft experiences for your enjoyment:

  1. Live Snake Drafts
  2. Live Auctions Drafts
  3. Email Snake Drafts
  4. Email Auctions Draft

We personally attend every live event in its entirety to make sure your draft experience runs smoothly. You should expect no less for money games.

Live Snake Drafts

Live drafts, email drafts, live auctions, email auctions

Live events take place in an online draft room like the one pictured at right. All owners gather in the room and take turns in a snake draft selecting players. A "snake" or "serpentine" draft means that the order of picks is reversed with every even round; that is, the team who chooses first in round one will choose last in round two; first in round three; last in round four, etc.

Sample fantasy football draft room with an active auction taking place

Owners may trade draft picks as desired before the draft begins. Once started, the draft must proceed as ordered. Owners are able to prepare a predraft list, search and select players during the draft, and watch as each team is filled. The chat box makes for friendly competition; few owners can resist trash talking during a live event!

You may find the way to get the most out of your draft is to keep a draft board running (see below) in another window. These color-coded boards show at a glance how each owner is filling out their team, and when your turn to pick is approaching.

Live drafts typically take between an hour and a half and two hours to complete.

Live Auction Drafts

Auctions also take place in an online draft room. Participants take turns nominating players, and then bidding on the nominees. You will have $200 in play money to bid with; it must last until you've selected all the players on your team

Many owners love auctions because you can typically choose any players you want for your team, so long as you're willing to pay the price. Want a great running back at the expense of a good quarterback? That's a decision you'll have to make, but be careful! Inflexible auction planning will result in disappointing teams almost every time.

Live auctions can be intense, and can take as much as three and a half hours to complete, depending upon roster requirements! This is an experience you do not want to miss.

Email Snake Drafts

Email drafts are slow, with up to eight hours for each pick, and with the timer turned off for several hours during the night. An email auction typically takes about two weeks to complete. However, many owners prefer this format because they can research picks extensively and make their selections on their own schedule.

It works like this: When one owner selects a player, all other owners are notified of the selection by email and/or by text message, and the next player is on the clock to make a pick. Owners are able to optionally queue up one or more desired players in advance on a pre-draft list, so that when their turn comes the player on the top of the list is automatically drafted, keeping the draft moving swiftly.

Email Auction Drafts

Email auctions may present the greatest draft challenge of the four methods. This is because in order for the auction to finish in a timely manner, it must be possible to bid on several players simultaneously. This is accomplished by one of two methods:

Sample fantasy football draft board

1. Auctions hosted at DataForce

If your auction is hosted at DataForce Fantasy Football, what will happen is that each owner nominates exactly one player per day at staggered times. The first player is nominated by 11 a.m.; the second by 12 noon; the third by 1 p.m., and so on.

Each player auction ends at precisely 24 hours after the nomination deadline ... in other words, at the same time the next day. Owners are able to place sealed maximum bids on players throughout the day, and adjust their bids up or down as desired until the final hour.

The fun begins in the final hour of bidding. At this point, your sealed bid is revealed and the computer will use these sealed bids to place proxy bids for you, like an ebay auction. At this point, the player auction finishes up much like a live auction.

Learn more about fantasy football email auction drafts at DataForce.

2. Auctions hosted at MyFantasyLeague

Some of our customers like to play at and some prefer to have their game hosted at DataForce. We work with MyFantasyLeague to offer both options, creating and filling leagues on both software platforms, but email auctions at MyFantasyLeague are very different than they are on DataForce software.

You still have $200 to spend, and it's still proxy bidding, meaning that you set your maximum allowable price for each player and the computer bids for you. But that's where the similarity ends.

You must nominate exactly two players per day on a MyFantasyLeague auction, and auctions can last much longer than 24 hours. This is because each time a new high bid is placed, the 24-hour clock begins over again. The result is that dozens of players can be on the auction block simultaneously.

These auctions require very careful planning, because the computer will not allow you to overspend your $200 budget. That means you cannot place bids if it is possible that those bids will exceed $200. You should bid only on the players you most want, because if you don't, you may tie up your money for 24 hours on someone you don't really want, and find yourself unable to bid on a player you do want.

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Learn more about MyFantasyLeague email auction drafts.

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